Marcin Bahrij : cork and wood furniture

Some new projects from London-based designer Marcin Bahrij : nicely designed minimalist furniture using cork and wood.

Tripod stool

Desk 0112 – An inspiration for a desk were school desks used in 1960’s in USA.

Home comfort toolbox – A wooden home version of a toolbox.

Spool stool – A stool inspired by spool of yarn

Rocking thing – A contemporary version of rocking horse.

Also, have a look at another project by Marcin Bahrij, previously published on my old blog reflexdeco : « Lamp with possibility of light intensity modulation ».

Photos © Marcin Bahrij

+ Via Marcin Bahrij


  • flodeau
    10 years ago

    Hi Anand and Paul, I just updated the link to the designer’s portfolio which actually was out-of-date… you’ll find the designers’ details here

  • 10 years ago

    Hello. Where can these product be purchased?

  • Anand
    10 years ago

    Would like to know the price of the spool stool and tripod stool, for a project in San Francisco.


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