Simon Busse : Marionet

For Swiss manufacturer Mox, German designer Simon Busse has created Marionet, a side table made of a sheet steel, oak and rubber. The table stands firmly only by the connections between the (body) parts, joints and threads that hold together the table as a marionette. If one of the components is missing, the table collapses.


Three flat wooden legs form the basis and are brought into position by a connective element. A hook on the top side of the connective element holds a coloured elastic band – the marionette’s string. The band runs through the wooden legs towards a tabletop and turns into a carrying handle on the upper side. In order to lock this fragile structure, the tabletop is bevelled downwards, the legs are kept in position and the entire table stands firmly.

Photos and drawings © Simon Busse

+ Via Simon Busse

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