Francis Chabloz : The Power of Light – Mirage III

Swiss product designer Francis Chabloz has sent me images of his latest project – The Power of Light – Mirage III – designed for the “Almost White” exhibition at Galerie d’(A) in Lausanne.

Little, I wanted to be among other things … a Three Star General. Childhood memories spent making model airplanes in memory of a Mirage puzzle made of cut wood, through to the memories of children’s drawings. The Power of Light: liberating the creative forces to make an object, rather than dreaming of it.

Also a collision between my childhood dreams – a Mirage III – and the reality as a designer today, a perpetual struggle for innovation. This piece is a breath of fresh air, breathing space required between the development of two projects and other projects for Italian publishing houses.

The making of the piece was a real challenge as it took two and a half weeks to achieve completion before the opening reception at Galerie d’(A). Finally, and above all, a tribute to Light and Technology through the power of powerLEDs. Action – Reaction – Postcombustion.

Each piece is numbered , dated and signed.

Photos © Fabrice Schneider / Emile Barret 2012

+ Also, have a look at another project by Francis Chabloz – Shark pendant light – previously featured on flodeau.

+ Via Label Objet – Francis Chabloz

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