Quick Dose of Inspiration #12

Curiosity Object by Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard – photo © Felipe Ribon
Both pieces of furniture and display windows, these lights act as small curiosity cabinets highlighting the beauty and strangeness of their subjects.

Hello, here is this weekend’s dose of random inspiration.


Beam kitchen by Tom Dixon in collaboration with Lindholdt+ Via FormFire Glassworks on Pinterest

Vinaigrier Antic Biotec by Elium Studio and Duende Studio – photo © Felipe Ribon

Veneer, the wrapped vase collection by Attico – photo © juan carlos marzi
a collection of vases created with the wrapping technique: the vases are composed of layers of essences of wood, carbon, glass fibre and adhesive films directly wrapped on steel spindles and then polymerized in autoclave. The language of the stratified material is interpreted as an aesthetic value, the plot of a story made of lightness, texture and resistance that amplifies these diversities.

Sauna Box by Castor
This traditional wood-burning sauna is built into a shipping container. The Sauna Box is completely self-contained with solar power and a wood fired stove. The box comes standard with iPod stereo, quitar hook-up, Castor Stool, magnetic truck light, wool toque and bronze antlers. It can be customized to suit the site.


Castor Desk by Castor
A solid-topped desk with a drawer and a variety of different legs cast in aluminum. Leg options range from an ornate hand-carved spindle to a beaver-gnawed log. All legs are interchangeable.

Curiosity Vessels by Lindsey Adelman
Large vessel with chestnut stopper and small vessel with acorn stopper.

Carnovsky’s RGB silk scarves collection + Via Yatzer

Axis Light by Castor
made of precisely machined and anodized aluminum. The light source rotates 180 degrees about the main column, which is supported by the two rods that pierce it. These rods slide freely through the column, by this action the angle of the column is adjusted.

End Matter heater by Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard – photo © Felipe Ribon
Cofalit is a black obsidian-like substance formed by the vitrification of asbestos-contaminated construction detritus. The high thermal inertia and aesthetic qualities of this material is used to create bricks, tiles and floor tiles that resist high temperatures and diffuse heat. With the bricks and tiles one can build stoves, heaters and floors but also walls or furniture.

Clotaire desk and chair by Pool for Gallery S. Bensimon
Crossing a set of carpentry and joinery, a steel tube structures the piece of furniture, enclosing simply with a screw at extremities. Once appearing, leaving its structural role, the tube ends the furniture with a handle, a chair back or a desk. The simple assembly and mechanical nod to the world of the workshop, bringshis world studious and inventive in the home office Bensimon.

www shelving series by Viktormatic + Via Design Milk

Invisible Chandelier by Castor
a collection of burnt out light bulbs lite from within.

Acciaio series 2 by Max Lipsey for Matter

“House of Finn Juhl” currently exhibited at Triode Design, Paris

Objet Coloré exhibition by Fabrica for Benetton Group
a system of store display fittings for Benetton group.



Have a nice weekend guys !

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  • 12 years ago

    I loved that kitchen. It was so bare and its natural form.

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