The Fundamental Group : Rhombus Tiles System

I love this! Simple and fun to install, Rhombus System by the Fundamental Group is a set of polystyrene tiles you can paint, arrange and glue together to create a unique decoration in any space. Transforming a wall or a ceiling becomes easy – just freely combine these tiles and create a new look and a unique pattern to suits your room.

Buy it at The Fundamental Shop, be creative and have fun DIYing!

The starter kit is enough to make a small-medium ceiling rose (approx 0.8m²). For maximun creative freedom and dramatic effect, you can purchase multiple sets and you can totally change the look of a room.

The full set allows for more variation in the design, making up two medium roses, a large rose and a corner element or an extra large free form ceiling sculpture. (up to 2m² depending on your design).

Watch the video!

Photos © The Fundamental Group


  • 7 years ago

    Hi! You will have to ask the designers … Thanks!

  • kfhsdjf
    7 years ago

    how do you buy it

  • mika
    8 years ago

    fantastisch :)

  • 11 years ago

    I love this idea. It’s really great. I am going to order some right now. It gives me a lots of ideas!!

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