Phillip Low : Sculptures In Acrylic

Manhattan-based artist Phillip Low makes the most incredible sculptures in acrylic. And you may buy them at New York based contemporary design store Matter.

A synthetic material, it requires tremendous precision and skill in order to be successfully worked with, often in toxic environments. From this steadfastly man-made circumstance, Mr.Low injects another intriguing human aspect, one that lies on the other end of the spectrum of specialization – a perspective borne of interaction and kinteticism that dictates color and dimension.

This gentle side, the culture side, combined with the hard form, is what stays with you. It’s what makes you pick it up and touch it, arrange it, find the right position for it. It’s what allows you to pass the hours, just looking.

Purple Orange Clear Sculpture – Materials : Laminated acrylic – Dimensions : w 3.8″ x l 5.3″ x h 6.5″

Green Clear Pink Sculpture – Materials : Laminated acrylic – Dimensions : w 4.5″ x l 5.7″ x h 7″

Photos © Phillip Low / Matter

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