Vaulot & Dyèvre for Petite Friture : Bubble Coat Hooks

I like the poetry that emanates from the work of French designers Vaulot & Dyèvre (have a look at some my previous posts about the duet’s projects, here). They are now back with Bubble, a series of three beautiful coat hooks that look like bubbles of soap, frozen in time.

Made of stained glass, the hook only anchors to the wall by a solid fixing that allows it to be hung simply. You can order them online at Petite Friture. Wanted asap!

Colors : Grey, Coral, Lemon – Material : GlassSmall: D.9cm 48€ / Large: D.14cm 64€ (sold individually)

Photos © Vaulot & Dyèvre / Petite Friture


  • flodeau
    11 years ago

    Dear Marion, you should try to contact the editor directly … Petite Friture

  • 11 years ago

    Dear Florence, I am opening an art/ design shop in Munich – do you know where I could order these wonderful pieces for my assortment? Big hug, Mrion

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