Quick Dose of Inspiration #39

Bell pendant light by DIESEL Successful LivingHello, here is this weekend’s dose of (random) inspiration. See you around, xo Flo

Above – Bell pendant light by DIESEL Successful Living

Kabinett house in Paris designed by septembreKabinett house in Paris, designed by septembre

57 pendant lights by Omer Arbel for Bocci57 pendant lights by Omer Arbel for Bocci

Mono mirror by Gregoire de LafforestMono mirror by Grégoire de Lafforest + via Muuuz

Art warehouse in Greece by a31 architectureFallen2_Jamie_Wardley_Filey_14_01_12-16















Left – Art warehouse in Greece by A31 Architecture + via Dezeen

Right –  The Fallen 9000 – Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss etched 9,000 figures of fallen bodies on beaches of Normandy to Commemorate Peace Day

Pointless Diagrams by Minnesota architect Josh LewandowskiPointless Diagrams by Minnesota architect Josh Lewandowski – a blog where he’ll post one meaningless architectural diagram every day for a year + via Dezeen

A new visualization of Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona shows the final steps to completion in a 3D animation

Fabrics by Thorody - flodeau.comFabrics by Thorody


Fabrics by Thorody

Tati suspension lamp by Arturo AlvarezTati suspension lamp by Arturo Alvarez

Koho lights by Mika Tolvanen for FontanaArteKoho lights by Mika Tolvanen for FontanaArte

Bud-Vase-Set-Seasonal-Collection-by-Heath-Ceramics - flodeau.comBud Vase Set, Seasonal Collection by Heath Ceramics

B011 office desk by Frédéric Richard

The Lego Calendar by Vitamins Design













Left – B011 office desk by Frédéric Richard + via Muuuz 

Right – The Lego Calendar by Vitamins Design – a tangible wall calendar that syncs online through custom code and smartphone camera + via NotCot

Installation by Susan DrummenInstallation by Susan Drummen, 6 x 8 meter. The material is arranged chromatically from left to right. In 15 large mirrors the window is reflected.

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