PKB Arquitetura + Vital Oficina : Rioow Hostel

Rioow Hostel - - 02Bem vindo ao Rioow! Brazilian studio PKB Arquitetura in collaboration with Vital Ofina have converted an old house in the vibrant neighborhood of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in Rio de Janeiro. The architects encapsulated the relaxed atmosphere of the Carioca way of life into the design of the Rioow Hostel.


About : “The architects have reinterpretated the muxarabi, a traditional form of latticework dating back to colonial times. Both the façade and the bunk beds are encased by these semi-transparent panels, helping to give the guests more privacy. The 1500 piece tensioned mylar net protects the windows and blue portuguese tiles on the exterior. 

The interior spaces and furniture were based on Brazilian Modernism, with objects sourced from local vintage markets or artisans, resulting in an eclectic mix of traditional and kitsch elements. The floor of the social and communal areas was crafted using an ancient technique of pressing cement tiles, involving the architects in both the construction and production side of the project. An LED lit ceiling features in the lounge and a world map of 6000 metal bolts, so each visitor can point out their point of origin or destination.”

Rioow Hostel - - 01Rioow Hostel - - 03Rioow Hostel - - 05Rioow Hostel - - 06Rioow Hostel - - 08Rioow Hostel - - 07Rioow Hostel - - 013Rioow Hostel - - 014 Rioow Hostel - - 015Rioow Hostel - - 011Rioow Hostel - - 012Photos © Marcos Bravo

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