Felix McCormack

Felix McCormack | Flodeau.com 02Felix McCormack is a UK designer maker based on a farm in Cornwall, near to Falmouth where he graduated from in 2011. Check out his work.

Squid Ink Stool : Flodeau.com 02Squid Ink Stool : Flodeau.com 01Squid Ink Stool – “This is the first in a collection of furniture I am making using squid ink as wood dye. I was inspired by the way coloured slips are often applied to ceramics, where you can see brush strokes and the impact of the human hand on the work. within furniture colour is often applied very precisely, always using tape to achieve perfectly straight lines. I wanted to see whether a ceramicists approach to applying colour could be used on furniture without looking messy or ill-considered. The Stool is made from turned ash.” Photos © Tessa Pearson

Squid Ink Table by Felix McCormack | Flodeau.com 01Squid Ink Table – Photo © Tessa Pearson

Squid Ink Table and StoolsSquid Ink Table and Stools – Photo © Tessa Pearson

felix-mccormack-3-3-Stool-Lamp-OYO-Hi-res.1-682x1024Felix-McCormack-Green-Carboy-Lamp-OYO-low-res.3/3 Stool Lamp (left) – “This a one-off lamp made using a recycled pyrex chemical jar and timber off-cuts. It is a versatile mood light which could be used as a floor Lamp or even could be placed on a large table or desk.”

Green Carboy Lamp (right) – “A floor Lamp made from Oak and a found glass carboy. The glass vessel sits in a large ring, the idea is that to aim the light from the shade you roll the carboy to the desired angle. Carboys were traditional used for storing large volumes of liquids which were corrosive. Such as acids and solvents. They were also used for brewing.”

Felix-McCormack-Spargo-Lamps-2-OYO-Hi-res.-1024x682Spargo Lamp – “The Spargo Lamp is a large floor Lamp. This collection of work represents experiments in using concrete within my work. It’s a material I’ve wanted to integrate into a few projects, I feel the combination of oak and concrete is very honest and appealing. Using such heavy duty materials means your producing products to last, which is an important part of my process. A big reason for developing these lamps was due to a desire to use the very traditional craft of woodturning in a very contemporary context. Although the turned forms are very traditional, the way the lamp is constructed gives it a very modern quality. This was also a reason for wanting to combine cast concrete with turned oak. The form of these lights is definitely inspired by the very animated nature of the classic spun aluminium desk lamp, such as an anglepoise. A classic example of this is the pixar lamp, I wanted these pieces to seem curiously animated in a similar way. This is a larger incarnation of the original Spargo Lamp. It has an extra joint and when it’s extended to it’s full height is just over 5ft.” Photo © Ryan Bleyswyck

Spargo II Lamps by Felix McCormack | Flodeau.com 01 Spargo II Lamps by Felix McCormack | Flodeau.com 02Spargo II Lamps – “These Spargo Lamps are an updated, simplified version of the original Spargo lamps I made last year. I have refined the mechanism and removed the brass elements, it’s a lot cleaner for it. It also means they are much quicker to make, although they are still pretty complex objects to put together. They were a private commission. Ash with a snowcrete base and an LED mirror bulb + the signature red flex (I just can’t seem to get away from it…).” Photos © Tessa Pearson

Spargo II Lamp – Photo © Tessa Pearson

Felix McCormackSpargo II Lamp – Photo © Tessa Pearson

Felix McCormackSpargo II Lamp – Photo © Tessa Pearson

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