Kalb Lempereur : Interiors

Kalb Lempereur : Interiors

Kalb Lempereur is a Paris-based interior design studio run by Céline Lempereur and Stéphanie Kalb. Here is a selection of some of their stylish residential works, essentially drawing inspiration from scandinavian interiors. Designed with sleek details, spaces are bright, bathed in light and punctuated by splashes of vivid colors – the good ingredients for a fresh, modern and easy-going style.

Kalb Lempereur : InteriorsKalb Lempereur : InteriorsChanoinesse apartment – Photos © Céline Parcinski & Olivier Hallot

Photos © Céline Parcinski


  • 9 years ago

    Hi everyone! Please note that I am the author and host of Flodeau’s blog. The stories I write are mainly about others’ work, unless otherwise stated. For this reason, I do not retain any more information than that given in the blog article. If you have any specific queries about a product you found on my blog (price, availability, ordering, shipping, photo copyright, etc..), please address the designer/architect. Thanks!

  • Kim chantal frenette
    9 years ago

    Bonjour! Je suis du Canada, montreal exactement. J adore la lampe de la 7e photo, sous la photo en long remplie de petits cadres. Pouvez vous me dire où je peux me la procurer? Vous vendez à montreal? Combien elle vaut?



  • Florence
    9 years ago

    Magnifique!!! Pourriez vous me transmettre la référence des tabourets jaune de la cuisine?

  • Didier
    9 years ago

    Le bureau/secrétaire est magnifique, est-il disponible dans le commerce ?

  • Kristin
    10 years ago

    where are the kitchen pendants from please!?

  • Elizabeth
    10 years ago

    I loved the bathroom floor! What an excellent ideia – it keeps the the rest of the parquet flowing, without the interruption at the door. Will copy!



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