0E1 Arquitetos : Bom Fim Apartment

Bom Fim Apartment by 0E1 Arquitetos | FlodeauSome of you know that Brazil has my heart. So I was delighted to receive Brazilian architect Mario Guidoux of 0E1 Arquitetos‘ latest project.

Bom Fim apartment is located in Porto Alegre. The team of architects (including Ana Cristina Castagna, Anna Carolina Manfroi, Anderson Dall’Alba, Gabriel Giambastiani, Mathias Sant’Annahave and Mario Guidoux) picked Brazilian design furniture as well as other well-known top designs (can’t get tired of theses Dixon pendants), whilst designing sleek and simple made-to measure furniture. And, invariably, the mix works great – as Brazilian interior design and styling do!

Photos © Marcelo Donadussi


  • Mary Stark
    10 years ago

    I’m so in love with your posts! This suspension lamp is so clean and amazing, just fix the dining room! When I bought my suspension lamp from Delightfull, I customize the piece in black too and it was my best choice. Just loved it in black!!

  • isabelle monod
    10 years ago

    sobre et très vivant, superbe !

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