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Scorpios, Mykonos |

Remember the hot San Giorgio? I’m talking about the elegant boutique hotel on the mediterranean clubbing island of Mykonos….! Well, Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel, the masterminds behind that hotel, are back with another uplifting project: Scorpios.

Nestled in a natural reserve on the southern tip of Mykonos, Scorpios sits on its own peninsula overlooking Paraga and Kavos lagoons. As an extension of the San Giorgio Mykonos bohemian-luxe philosophy, Scorpios is a beach, restaurant and cultural hub that welcomes guests as though “they’ve entered through the doors of an old friend”. A cool and airy weatherworn stone clubhouse and bar evoke the Kasbahs of Morocco and the ancient Greek agora. With sun and salt inspirations, Scorpios is a place to congregate under a shady canopy for lengthy leisurely meals that can extend well into the night nodded to by a stunning sunset and greeted with soulful live music.

Looks totally idyllic, doesn’t it?

Scorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comAbout – “The world is filled with countless idyllic strips of sand and water, but too many of these spots are about collective loneliness. There we sit on our chairs surrounded by strangers, each of us alone together.

Scorpios believes in doing and being more, in transforming beauty into an unforgettable beach experience, in turning strangers into friends, perhaps even soulmates. But much more than just a beach and a restaurant; Scorpios is a welcoming holistic world built upon both simplicity and luxury. And it’s this holistic philosophy – one that is as simple as it is revolutionary – that makes Scorpios so unique: Now you no longer need to bounce between a quiet, serenity-filled retreat and a place where you can let your spirit soar as you celebrate life to its fullest.

Think of a day at Scorpios as a ritual. When the sun is up the healthy offerings in both service and program help you get into your grove, tuned in and turned on to your to best self with natural foods, detoxifying juices, and holistic events. Then during a shared sunset ritual and on into the night, guests experience an intoxicating musical environment that merges deep ethnic sounds, ambient tunes, world folklore, Detroit House, and Berlin Sounds, all presented by renowned international DJs. To this we also add cultural programs; a restaurant serving fresh, organic, local, and inspired food built upon the idea that our meals should make us feel energized and whole; and stimulating talks with likeminded souls.

To understand Scorpios’ spirit consider its inspiration: Ibiza, Glastonbury, Burning Man, the shores of Goa, the beaches of Bali . . . in short any place where the sophisticated and the refined travel in a quest to find the unexpected, to discover that truly great beach.”

Scorpios is a Design Hotels project.

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Scorpios, Mykonos |

Central to the property is the gently weather-worn house with classic white washed and natural stone walls. Simultaneously evoking 1960s Greek glamour and contemporary modernism, the structure consists of a main floor with lower level and is surrounded by open-air terraces.

At the heart of it all, the welcoming living room, restaurant and bar evoke slowed simplicity. Low-slung sofas, rope hammocks and abundant wickerwork harmoniously unite under a thatched ceiling. The entirety exudes a sense of ease and lightness. An emphasis on the essential and the celebration of traditional craftsmanship and local Greek culture are the guiding principles behind both the design and hospitality. Mixing minimalism with rich textures and handcrafted details, nothing is overbearing but just right.

Scorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos |
Scorpios, Mykonos |
Scorpios, Mykonos |
Scorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos |

The rustic-chic restaurant at the center of the house comfortably seats 200, spilling onto an outside terrace overlooking the sea. The ideal place to gather under a shady canopy, long, leisurely meals can stretch into the afternoon or evening. Relying heavily on fresh seasonal produce from the fertile land, the top-level culinary talent lets the quality of the ingredients shine – blending local Greek flavors with Asian influences. The result is a confident cuisine that strips away the unessential and focuses on purity, authenticity, and the reinterpretation of quintessential seaside recipes.

Scorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | 9k=Scorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos | Flodeau.comScorpios, Mykonos |
Photos © Scorpios / Michael Schickinger


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