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The inspiration for the “Leave your shape behind collection” comes from the beach. The sand stimulates young and old people. Aware or unaware the sand has an attraction to touch, form and play with it. The “to become one, table and seats” has two parts, the sack, which is formless, and the construction of the frame. By reinforcing each other the two parts become one. The sacks lend themselves to form and play, just like the sand on the beach.

To Become One, Table and Seats – Material: ashes wood and skai

The “To become one, table and seats” are, in addition to sit on it, particularly designed to feel, knead and play with it. This series offers a possibility of a relaxing way to communicate with each other, by the soft formable bags. The attraction of the soft formable bags can make you get in touch with them, consciously or unconsciously. It will challenge you to play with it, because the formable bag in the “To become one, table” can be changed by the user(s). There is an interaction between the product and the user(s), which creates a whole new perspective.

This product would therefore be highly suitable for use in, for example, brainstorming sessions and meetings. The fact that, during conversations, you can grab the table mold and form it, can have a relaxing effect. The “To become one, seats” have, in addition to their surprising appearance, also a surprising comfort.

The unique filling in the sacks completely adapts to the body, making it user friendly also justified. The “To become one, table and seats” would possibly be used in brainstorm and meeting locations for companies, practice for (relationship)therapy, but also for private use at home.

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