Cristina Celestino for Attico

Photo © Andrea Incontri

Italian architect and fashion designer Cristina Celestino and Matteo Bastoni engaged in a project of blending toghether their own skills. The common idea is to introduce a brand new furniture project, Attico. Industrial design quality and research skills applied to traditional materials generates a new philosophy which takes strength from local Italian identity.

FLORIAN occasional table – Photo © Aste Boetto

The Florian occasional table is born around the tray shape. This integral tray becomes the base for several things, enabling aesthetic and interaction customisation for the user. Utilising regional craftsmen of Italy: Florian is constructed from iron sheet matt varnished, glass, saddlery leather.

The main structures can then be accessorised with a bird cage, a sadderly leather disk or a glass dome. The inspiration for the glass dome accessory comes from the south of Italy where they are often used in a religious context for display purposes of precious artefacts. This dome used in conjunction with florian table creates a private alter of a different meaning for the user.

FLORIAN table-expositor self production 2011
Materials: iron sheet matt varnished, glass, saddlery leather / h 730 mm X d 340 mm

FLORIAN mirror self production 2011
Materials: iron sheet matt varnished, saddlery leather/ h 1100 mm X d 650 mm

FLORIAN low table self production 2011

Materials: iron sheet matt varnished / h 280 mm X d 840 mm

FLORIAN  lamp self production 2011
Materials: iron sheet matt varnished, glass / d 340 mm

MARMOLADA self production 2011
Materials: iron rod matt varnished, marble / h 530 mm X 600×460 mm _ h 375 mm X d 400 mm

BORCHIA lamp self production 2011
Materials: stainless steel, CRS steel/ h 210 mm

Borchia lamp, taking its name from its literal italian translation; ‘the stud lamp’ aims to bridge the gap between fashion and industrial design through the process of arranging and applying a ‘stud’ to the wall. The Borchia is, like all Attico projects, manufactured by local craftsmen of Italy. The main construction from folded steel and can be finished brushed or mirror .

PUNCH BALL floor lamp prototype 2011
Materials: marble, iron, leather welt / h 1900 mm

Floor lamp with marble base inspired by a ‘punch ball’. A leather welt covers a flexible stem. The lamp shade is an open iron structure, empty, for a bare light bulb inside to shine its light.

POIS prototype 2011
Materials: leather disk / d 310 mm

Wall lamp made of a rigid leather disk. This circular shape screens the light bulb.

TORCIA prototype 2011
Materials: stainless steel, leather / l 330 mm

Torcia is a lamp without a clear context: table lamp or suspension, it can be used where necessary, as the torch, from which Torcia takes its shape. The shade is created with the layering of leather disks (the same leather used in shoe heels). The result is a stratification of smooth, unusual, unexpected material for a lamp.


Photos © Attico Design Studio

+ Via Attico Design Studio



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