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Christopher Polly Architect : Haines House

Haines House by Australian architect Christopher Polly.

About : Haines House is located in the inner city Sydney suburb of Newtown. The project provides a model for grafting a singular substantial volume to an existing single storey semi-detached dwelling while capturing a centrally retained bathroom within the new volume, enabling old and new fabric to enmesh a unique spatial sequence along the length of the dwelling counter intuitive to popular planning methods – to improve the physical and visual relationships to the new rear garden, while harnessing improved access to sunlight, natural ventilation and views to borrowed landscapes and sky beyond.

Photos © Brett Boardman

+ Via Christopher Polly Architect


  • Alain Guimiot
    7 years ago


  • Gregoire
    9 years ago

    Simple et élégant: j’adhère :).. le toilette accessible du jardin, le détail pratique. Merci Florence

    • flodeau
      9 years ago

      avec plaisir : )

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