La Mamba Design Studio for Omelette-ed : Mirrors

Submitted today by Omelette-ed, a new design manufacturer founded by Spanish designers Ommar Uribe, Pedro Rivera and Raúl Durá, members of La Mamba Design Studio, here is a collection of circular, vertical and horizontal standing Mirrors made of black steel tubes and cork feet.

Lovely, simple and impeccable design.

About : “We are La Mamba, a spanish design studio established in Valencia. We would like to show the latest projects in the studio, which are manufactured by the company Omelette-ed. The project was born from a brief where Omelette-ed asked us to diminish the disadvantages that involve travel and days out of home. After observing and analyze what are the household products need from us, and frequent maintenance attention.”

Photos © Omelette-ed

+ Via Omelette-ed


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