Fabio Novembre : Philematology

Philematology by Italian designer Fabio Novembre is a unique sculptural piece made with Almax mannequins and Casamania‘s Him & Her chairs assembled together.

Philematology is the science that examines kissing from a biological perspective.
The main purpose of kisses is sharing germs and developing antibodies, self-reinforcing and preserving offspring.
Men tend to consider kiss as a prelude for sexual activity and prefer kisses with saliva in order to share testosterone with their partner.
Kiss can also cause a variation in cortisolo and oxytocin blood level. After the kiss, cortisolo decrease for both sexes reducing stress, while oxytocin levels increase only for male.
Fabio Novembre

Material : polyethylene lacquered in white and red – Dimension : L.140 P.55 H. 125

This installation has been presented during the Milano design week at the exhibition “Autoproduzione a Milano: 202 autori si autopresentano”, the first census of self-produced design in the city.

The exhibition edit by Alessandro Mendini was jointly organized in the Cattedrale della Fabbrica del Vapore with the Department of Culture of the City of Milan and Misiad (Milanosiautoproducedesign), an association founded by Alessandro Mendini, Camillo Agnoletto, which aims to promote excellence in self-produced design and small-scale productions.

Photos © Fabio Novembre

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