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Rabih Hage : The Leftover Collection

For DuPont™ Corian®, London architect and interior designer Rabih Hage has created The Leftover Collection, a series of furniture designed for Corian® Colour Evolution exhibited in Milan this year. Introducing some of the new European Corian® tones (Imperial Yellow, Blooming Green, Noble Ecru, Light Ash and Absolute Beige), the collection is based on the use of leftover material and its reuse, treating the off-cuts and discarded planks used in the building of furniture as a “noble material”, reused in new luxurious furniture pieces.

Leftover Table – desk or dining table

I have always been fascinated by unused material or discarded cuts of stone, wood or metal whether cheap or expensive. Reusing these materials as a luxury product and treating the off-cuts as something precious is my real motivation. Especially, Corian®, which I regard as a luxurious material. I like the imperfection in patinated antique pieces, and the patina of time is something impossible to imitate, therefore, authentic. To get closer to this authenticity I regard the random layering of off-cuts as a noble design gesture and authentic in the building of my new designs for “Corian® Colour Evolution”. Imperfection is beauty; a discarded material is as noble and precious as a newly polished stone.

Leftover Table – desk or dining table

Leftover Armchair – visitor chair

Leftover Armchair – visitor chair

Colour Console – bookshelf or console table

Colour Chair – desk chair

Fabrication by Clarendon Fabrications

Photos © Leo Torri for DuPont™ Corian®

+ Via DuPont™ Corian®

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