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Quick Dose of Inspiration #21 : blue, blue, blue !

Dom Bosco Church by Carlos Alberto Naves in Brasilia, Brazil + Via Rick Ligthelm


Hello, here is today’s dose of blue inspiration.


Floating House by MOS Architects + Via Archdaily

Children’s bed by Hyunjin Seo and Jaekyoung Kim’s Ahye + Via Notcot

Lencois Maranhenses, Brazil + Via Nadejda Ah KaH-dee

Fabrics by Suzusan – Arimatsu Shibori + Via Suzusan – Arimatsu Shibori

Tabouret Modeste by Paul Menand + Via Muuuz

+ Via House To Home

Lighting by Marcus Abrahamsson + Via Marcus Abrahamsson

+ Via Fernando Baeza Ponsoda

+ Via House To Home

Poultry : an abstract series of images by Mitch Payne + Via Notcot

Car park in Singapore + Via Chris Dangtran

Breathtaking. Canyon, Greenland + Via Annie Gilbertson

Gavik lamp by Helena Svensson for Ikea 2013 collection + Via Muuuz

Smoke + Via Abduzeedo

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