Ministry of Mass

David Braeckman and Sander Michiels, founders of The Ministry of Mass have just sent me information about their first collection of furniture.

The Ministry of Mass is a Belgium collective of makers founded in 2012. They aim to provide comments, criticism and reflection on our current practices as a producing and consuming culture. They say this limited series of objects aims at reintroducing “Nature in the Life of Man“.

We make limited series of objects.

Using quality materials. Materials that have proven their worth to create objects that withstand time. This approach demands dedication, craftsmanship and time.

We produce independent and local.

Stimulating the local practice of crafts while closely observing our production process. To ensure constant dialogue between selected craftsman and ourselves.

We make objects that matter.

The Diamond.

The Stool.

The Swing.

The Lamp.

If you have the chance, visit them at Interieur 2012 Kortrijk, where they will present this collection in the Ventura program from 20 till the 28th of October.

Photos © Ministry of Mass

+ Via and more infos at Ministry of Mass

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