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Inspired by people’s instinctive love of nature – a science known as ‘Biophilia’ – nature is making its way into our urban environment. Designed in collaboration with David Oakey, leading carpet tile manufacturer Interface introduces Urban Retreat, its newest collection of modular “green” carpet tiles, which designs and color palettes evoke natural stone, forest, savanna or grass.

Urban Retreat Collections – UR101 Ash / Ivy

From David Oakey Designs : There was a time when the word “urban” conjured up images of decay, burnt-out buildings, overpopulation and empty lots teeming with scrap metal, old tires and broken down cars. For most non-city dwellers, urban areas meant concrete jungles, whose inhabitants were overworked, overstressed and living at a hectic, frenetic pace. Even for city dwellers, the only way to get relief from this stress-inducing environment was to head to the suburbs or even the country.

In the past decade, rural and suburban areas around the world have seen their populations shift returning to the cities, whether it is planned urban development in the east, or driven by the Millennials in the west. The result is the same: more people in more concentrated areas – “mega cities,” – ready to embrace the excitement and convenience of urban living; only this time, city dwellers are bringing part of that non-urban heritage—part of nature—with them. Globally, people are tuning in to their instinctive, almost primal, need to reconnect and coexist with nature.

This large-scale reconnection to nature inspired Urban Retreat™, David Oakey Designs’ first global collection of modular carpet tiles for Interface. For 15 years, our team has been compelled by nature and the principles of biophilia and biomimicy – the concept of learning from and emulating nature’s designs. Urban Retreat™ evokes the calming, soothing elements of nature, while simultaneously adding comfort, function, practicality and beauty to interior spaces.

Urban Retreat collection – UR201 Straw

Urban Retreat Collection – UR202 Sage

Urban Retreat Collections – UR103 Stone


Photos © InterfaceEurope + via Duende

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