Montana : storage systems

42 units, 4 depths, 49 colours, 10 designs. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities!

Danish design brand Montana offers flexible systems of storage and shelving units designed to give you the freedom of style and creativity so everyone has the opportunity to create a personal space for their home. The online software “Design your own Montana” allows you to create your individual solution and arrangement.


Montana’s shelving unit system consists of 42 basic units that can be combined according to need. The main unit measures 69.6 x 69.6 cm and all other units are derived from these measurements. The basic units are available in four depths: 20, 30, 38 and 46.8 cm.

Start with a basic unit or one of the 216 examples of combined shelving units and bring your own personal idea to life with partitions, shelves, doors, drawers, shallow drawers, LED lighting etc… The systems include sides, protection sheets, colours, shelves, partitions, drawers, trays, doors, lights, locks, casters and handles, which can be combined in unlimited ways.

Photos © Montana

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