Hosun Ching : Walk-in Closet

I am pretty sure that most of you girls out there are going to WANT Hosun Ching‘s Walk-in Closet – a wardrobe that cleverly opens out into a mini-fitting room, completed with mirrors to view outfits from every angle.

Won’t you ?

The depth of a standard wardrobe is 60cm. That is simply not practical, because it means that you literally lose sight of your clothing; and what you don’t see, you don’t wear. Walk-In Closet is a smart storage unit designed to solve this problem.

It opens out into a mini-fitting room, complete with mirrors to view outfits from every angle. The focus is on organisation and visibility. There are drawers for accessories and the reduced depth does away with those ‘hidden’ stacks.

Photos © Hosun Ching

+ Via MocoLoco


  • David
    6 years ago

    hello I’m David and I come to Italy I wanted to know how much the walk-in closet also the measures are closed and opening waiting for your short answer on email thanks best regards David

  • 11 years ago

    These are gorgeous, Stunning, cool and so much beautiful. I really liked them very much.The design is impressive and according to the girls and one important thing is space provided is unbeatable. I will definitely buy one for my daughter tomorrow……Thanks for this pretty share.

  • 11 years ago

    This is a gorgeous little package. Might be needing a little more hanging space though!

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