Cathrine Kullberg : Norwegian Forest Lamps

Oslo based lighting brand Northern Lighting re-issues Cathrine Kullberg’s classic Norwegian Forest lamps designed in 2007.

Norwegian Forest is a pendant and table lamp series with shade elements made of natural birch or white ash veneer, depicting a pine forest with animals. These stunning light pieces draw on the classic Scandinavian tradition of using thin, translucent veneer strips, combining modern laser-cutting technology and traditional craft techniques into a lamp.

The shade is made from premier quality, double layered Nordic birch veneer or ash veneer with a white, semi transparent stain on the outside and white paper fleece on the inside. The veneer is put through a flexing process to become bendable and then coated with a clear solvent free coating.

The shade elements are hand sewn onto the white steel frame using natural leather lace. When lit, the blonde veneer offers a warm glow, filtering out light between the carved treetops.

Photos © Cathrine Kullberg

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