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Hans J. Wegner for PP Møbler : Swivel Chair

Hans J. Wegner for PP Mobler : Swivel Chair : flodeau.com : 07Danish design editor PP Møbler brings back the Swivel Chair designed in 1955 by Hans J. Wegner, hence completing a line of exclusive, functional and exquisitely crafted masterpieces for the CEO office. A desk chair with a sculpted ash backrest and a black leather seat, on a satin chrome base on casters. A boss chair.

Hans J. Wegner for PP Mobler : Swivel Chair : flodeau.com : 04

Hans J. Wegner for PP Mobler : Swivel Chair : flodeau.com : 01About : The PP Mobler Swivel Chair from 1955 constitutes a cross between the hard steel frame and the soft wood and leather. It is an uncompromising tool with comfort and ergonomics as overriding considerations.

In actual fact it is a continuation of the Round Chair, also known as The Chair, which marked a turning point, not just for Wegner but also for Danish Design in general. The top bar, made of solid wood and twisted like a propeller, is separated from the remaining frame and completed at the very limit of what is possible for full ergonomic advantage.

Wegner was inspired by Consultant, Professor and Doctor of Medicine & PhD Eigill Snorrason’s critique, which was aimed at the entire Danish design and furniture trade for not paying enough attention to ergonomics.

In his critique, however, Snorrason had actually pointed out that Wegner’s Cow Horn Chair, which had the same backrest as the Round Chair, was in fact an ergonomically correct exception to the rule, and the two passionate professionals engaged in a dialogue, which resulted in the Swivel Chair with a large piece of solid wood as support for the lower back.

Hans J. Wegner for PP Mobler : Swivel Chair : flodeau.com : 13Hans J. Wegner for PP Mobler : Swivel Chair : flodeau.com : 10Like numerous other Wegner designs, the Swivel Chair was to be produced by Danish craftsmen with not a second thought for cost-minimizing industrial production. 

Hans J. Wegner for PP Mobler : Swivel Chair : flodeau.com : 11It presents huge challenges for the joiner, the upholsterer and the blacksmith as it demands time-consuming work that must not be compromised in any way.

Hans J. Wegner for PP Mobler : Swivel Chair : flodeau.com : 12

Wegner himself expressed it thus, ‘It’s for the boss … or the secretary. No, it’s too expensive for the secretary. It’s for the boss who will appreciate being able to sit correctly in a chair’.

1470243_10152374090938332_643891396_nAdjustable height office chair with polished stainless steel frame and backrest available in oak, ash or cherry in the following finishes: soaptreated, clear bio oil, white bio oil or lacquered. Seat upholstered in Standard leather.

 Seat can be raised from 40cmh to 46cmh / Dimensions 74w x 55d x 40/66cmh

Photos © PP Møbler + Jens Mourits Sørensen


  • steven
    7 years ago

    what is price for The Swivel Chair by Hans J. Wegner?

    • Steve
      6 years ago

      From PP Mobler you’re looking at 8000-10000 euros…

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