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Parallel Lighting Series by Hennepin Made | Flodeau.comHennepin Made is an independent Minneapolis-based glass studio creating modern lighting for retailers and designers. Founders/designers, Joe Limpert and Jackson Schwartz have sent me photos of their recently-launched handmade lighting collection – the Parallel Series features hand-blown glass and spun aluminum pendant lights. Simple and superb.

Parallel Lighting Series by Hennepin Made | Flodeau.comParallel Lighting Series by Hennepin Made | Flodeau.com

Canister – With tight curves and clean lines, this modern canister form is both classic yet contemporary. While designing this light we took inspiration from hanging oil lanterns that used to adorn homes of a prior generation. With its crisp lines and sensuous color it illuminates spaces that are traditional or contemporary, giving a feeling of both the past and present alike.

Cylinder – When paired with a long incandescent bulb, this tall cylinder creates a beautiful and calming light. Its blown glass shade radiates color by just having the tip of the bulb exposed through the metal top. Whether placed in a residential or commercial application, these simple and elegant cylinders work great grouped together.

Sphere – A sphere is where most things start, as did we. This delicate globe is our take on the most universal form. Half dark, half light, the color of the illuminated glass travels inside of the aluminum top filling it with a glowing timelessness.

Wide Cylinder – The bold and delicate tension of this light makes it the pillar in the Parallel collection. The silhouette draws attention, while the subtle of the metal finish brings a refinement suited for most modern spaces. It’s breadth and volume make it a great choice for over a dining table or in an entrance lobby.

Photos © Hennepin Made

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  • siegel
    6 years ago


    I am interior deisgner and I work currently for a flat in Paris. I am really interested by this Parallel Series.
    How much are each model ?

    Thanks a lot

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