Hello, my name is Florence Deau. I'm a French interior designer and Flodeau is my blog about contemporary interiors, design, architecture and other things I like and inspire me from around the globe.
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Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo Arquitectos : HUB Flat in Madrid

HUB Flat in Madrid, by Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo Arquitectos | Flodeau.comThis is one of the freshest projects I have seen lately.… [read more]

Linn Kandel, Dimitri Bähler and Ismaël Studer : UU

UU desk tray by Linn Kandel, Dimitri Bähler and Ismaël Studer | Flodeau.comAbout a year ago, I was featuring Pylône, a series of occasional tables designed by Linn Kandel, an industrial and product designer based in Switzerland.… [read more]

Fiona O’Leary & Giorgia Zanellato at Fabrica : Statera

Statera by Fiona O'Leary & Giorgia Zanellato at FabricaFabrica presents Statera, a new design project conceived by Fiona O’Leary and designed in collaboration with Giorgia Zanellato.… [read more]

Declercq Mobilier : Tubular Furniture

Declercq Mobilier : Tubular Furniture | Flodeau.comTheir passion lies in bending tubes. I met Belgium company Declercq Mobilier during the last edition of Maison&Objet in Paris and really loved their furniture collection.… [read more]

Amaury Poudray X Andrée Jardin : PUKKA Desk Brush

Pukka Office Brush by Amaury Poudray X Andrée Jardin :: Flodeau.com - 02How about some material authenticity in our increasingly digital world? And how about a preciously handcrafted office desk brush designed by French designer Amaury Poudray?… [read more]

Nendo : Cubic Rubber-Band

Cubic Rubber-Band by Nendo : flodeau.com 02Cubic Rubber-Band form Nendo‘s new stationery collection for their own brand “by | n”.… [read more]