Sebastian Scherer : Aluminium series

Berlin based designer Sebastian Scherer has completed his Aluminium series, a set of furniture composed of a dining table, a chair and a coatstand, all made of 8 mm water-cut aluminium.

“The Aluminium Series is based on the idea of transforming a two-dimensional form into a three-dimensional object through the process of folding. The smooth oscilloscopic formed legs gives an kaleidoscopic impression when seen from different angles.”

Aluminium Table – 8 mm water-cut aluminium frame with corian top – Dimensions 210x90cm

Aluminium Chair – 8 mm water-cut aluminium frame – Dimensions 42x55x80cm

Aluminium Coatstand – 8 mm water-cut aluminium frame – Dimensions 170x55x55cm

About : Sebastian Scherer was born in Aachen, Germany. After studying product design in Aachen he moved to Berlin where he worked as Interior Designer for several design offices and architects such as Graft. With his “X-Chair” he won the international well known Promosedia Chair Competition 2010. One year later he started his own studio in Berlin, following with the “Faces of Design Award” 2011. In 2011 Sebastian also completed his Aluminium Series. His objects are expression of individuality and functionality in the same time.

Photos © Sebastian Scherer

+ Via Sebastian Scherer

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