Matthias Heiderich

Put a camera in Matthias Heiderich‘s hands and expect to discover unique everyday-life masterpieces ! Currently living and working in Berlin, Matthias is a young, self-taught and very talented German photographer. Whilst exploring the city of Berlin, he sublimates the beauty of it, bringing to light new urban landscapes, perspectives, colours, geometry and minimalist architecture. Brillant, clean, soothing …

Photos © Matthias Heiderich, taken from the Spektrum Eins, Studie DreiStudie ZweiStudie EinsFunktionsorteISO Berlin and Color Berlin series.

+ Via Matthias Heiderich


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  • 12 years ago

    j’adoooore… Merci Flo pour cette belle découverte lumineuse en ce vendredi si froid et si gris!!

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