Mathias Kiss : Froissé mirror

Photo © Emmanuel Bossuet – EEMMathias Kiss

Miroir Froissé by Paris-based Hungarian artist Mathias Kiss (2012) is currently part of the Sans 90° exhibition at Galerie Armel Soyer, Paris.

Photo © Sans 90° exhibition at Galerie Armel Soyer, Paris.

Stamped and numbered edition of 8 + 2 prototypes + 2 artist proofs, stamped and numbered
H 2, 95/ W 2,13/ Depth 0, 72 ft

Photo © Sans 90° exhibition at Galerie Armel Soyer, Paris.

Continuity of a reflection on the crease and the deformation of rigid materials, the froissé mirror is a logical consequence of object-sculptures responding to his first work on the fold and two-dimensional sculpture.

Photo © Sans 90° exhibition at Galerie Armel Soyer, Paris.

Mathias Kiss, Hongarian, grew up in Paris. At 14, he joined an apprenticeship then joins the companionship for more than 10 years.

He devoted his first works to the realization of ceilings in parisian palaces; a recurring theme around freedom and defiance, the skies in all its forms became a great source of inspiration. In 2000, he had his first personal exhibition at the Teisso gallery.

He created the agency Attilalou in 2002 with Olivier Piel and opened a lab gallery in Marais, a place for meetings and experimentations, where his numerous creations and installations were born among photographers, stylists and designers. During this time, he created customized works for clients and professional art collectors, often «cartes blanches» in situ (still), and kept to work as the creative director of the company. In 2009, he designed his first Sculptural-Objects.

In 2012 the Galerie Armel Soyer edits 3 of his pieces, that are exposed in the artist’s first exhibition. In parallel to his personal projects, he will sign Marie-Hélène de Taillac’s new shop in New York with the architect Francois Bosc.

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