Samuel Sheard : Lovely Waste tables

Young UK designer Samuel Sheard offers a new perspective on the decoration of furniture : the waste created during making of his Lovely Waste bedside tables has been used to re-design the table – creating a new platform. The wood is patterned before making begins, using stain and laser engraving.

All of the waste created during the making of a simple bedside table is kept, this waste is then used on the spot to re-design the piece, either affording a new form or added function to the original table – taking an aspect of the design process that lacked value, and using it as a tool to open up new design methodologies and semantics in furniture design.

Start material, with engraved pattern on the front and the back. This material is for the top of the table / Back detail of the top material.

The patterns are designed in way that show the change in orientation or to create a new pattern once the off cuts are used to re-design the furniture, whilst introducing the decoration of an object in a way that is integral to the design process.

Orange table with Lovely Waste decoration

Blue table with Lovely Waste drawer. The waste created from the legs of the table has been used to give the table an added function – becoming the inside and front of a drawer.

Start material for the legs of the table, stained and engraved with the designed pattern / Pattern to be used on the Orange table legs

Photos © Samuel Sheard

+ Via Samuel Sheard

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