Cooima : Lipa side table

A submission today by Taiwan based furniture company Cooima : designed by Kenyon Yeh, Lipa is a series of side tables made from one sheet of laser-cut steel then simply bent to form the sturdy legs and surface.

The beauty part is, there is no certain angle telling which side should be the front. Every angle can be used as the front part depends which side brings the most appealing view. Making LIPA simple, unique as a practical and sculptural side table, nightstand or plant stand anywhere in home or public spaces. Available in round or square top powder coated finish.

All photos © Cooima


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  • 12 years ago

    travaillant dans le domaine de la décoration inox et de la découpe laser, j’apprécie le coté épuré mais fonctionnel de ces tables. Je les vois bien pour ma part en extérieur, terrasse ou jardin.

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